Monday, November 29, 2004

MUSIC: Rosie Thomas, Iron & Wine, James Mercer

Christine and I went to hear live music Friday night at the Knitting Factory: Rosie Thomas, Iron & Wine, and James Mercer were the three acts (all singer/songwriters). I went to see the first two whose music I've heard on KCRW. It was soooo cool to see them perform live. Rosie Thomas is incredible. She talks in this very high-pitched little-girl voice but when she sings she has this incredibly mature, exquisite voice. Her songs are intimate, vulnerable and sweet. Iron & Wine is what Sam Beam calls his one-man act. His songs generate a lot of mood. I like his voice a lot - very soothing. But he kept forgetting some of the lyrics. He shoulda rehearsed a bit more. I enjoyed the duets that Sam Beam and Rosie Thomas did together; their voices blended well. We didn't stay long for James Mercer. I was way too tired (beer makes me sleepy), and I wasn't familiar with his music at all.

Things about Knitting Factory that annoyed me: it's too hot in there; show started way too late; intermissions are way too long; and I had to stand up for the whole concert.

::4 stars::