Monday, November 29, 2004

FOOD: Father's Office

Cool down-to-earth bar on swanky Montana Ave. in Santa Monica. They've got about 30 draft beers on tap, mostly California microbrews. You've got to try the sweet potato fries and the regular fries with the aioli mayonnaise dip. They are heavenly. Father's Office also has a good selection of tapas. Of course, they are traditionally all very salty foods so as to encourage you to imbibe more. I tried the patatas bravas which was too spicy for my taste and extremely salty. I prefer the patatas bravas in Vancouver's original tapas restaurant, La Bodega on Howe St.

I had a glass of Sierra Nevada pale ale which is my current favorite. Nicely complemented the food I had. I was hoping that they would have Granville Island beer on tap but I think i'll have to look for it elsewhere here in So Cal.

Father's Office is very small and crowded. Tables are first come first serve. Just grab the first table you see where people are leaving.

I look forward to re-visiting this bar. Anyone?

::4 stars::