Wednesday, December 01, 2004

SEE: Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind (2004)

Finally, a movie that admits that romantic relationships can be a pain in the ass. Charlie Kaufman churned out another great script with Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind. Kudos to him for being the only screenwriter these days who draws a crowd solely by his name.

Most of you probably already know what this flick is about. Joel (Jim Carrey) wants to have the memory of his ex, Clementine (Kate Winslet), erased from his brain since she had the procedure done already. However, as the memories are eradicated one by one, he regrets he ever decied to have it done and tries to hide Clementine into the deep recesses of his mind in order to preserve at least one memory of her.

This movie is like Memento in that it unfolds backwards. Charlie K did not only dream up an amazingly creative story but also wrote some high quliaty dialogue that you just don't get frequently in American flicks. Supposedly, CK wrote this movie because he realized that the relationships he's been in are not like the sugar-coated ones that are portrayed in formulaic romantic comedies. Romantic comedies are basically one big fat lie about love and relationships. They put false notions and expectations into the public's mind about how love is supposed to pan out.

It's very evident that Joel is CK's alter ego. According to CK, relationships have its ups and downs. Sometimes it can be total bliss and other times (more often than not) it can be absolute hell. Looking at Joel and Clem, each one of them definitely has his and her share of issues and flaws. Throughout the movie, I often found myself wondering, Why the hell are they together? They're constantly fighting. It dawned on me that you can't expect your partner to be perfect. No duh, most of us know this, yet deep inside we still stubbornly grasp to this wishful notion. You need to love your partner in spite of the shortcomings. Love covers a multitude of sins, as it says in the Bible.

Jim Carrey does a tremendous job playing Joel. He totaly disappears into his role, which is tough for a famous actor like him to ahceive. I forgot I was watching "Jim Carrey." Kate Winslet, as usual, is sublime. Also did a great believable American accent.

Well directed and well edited. Good cinematography. Just an overall finely made film. Makes you think a while after seeing it.

::5 stars::