Wednesday, December 01, 2004

FILM: Love Liza (2002; DVD)

I was disappointed. I think it's because I've been wanting to see this movie really badly ever since I saw the trailers for it.

Nearly the entire movie just shows the main character sniffing gasoline. Which is gross. How can people get high on that stuff?

And Kathy Bates, who I think is one of the best actresses that ever lived, is not utilized enough in this movie.

Anyway, this indie movie is about a guy (played by Philip Seymour Hoffman) who recently lost his wife to self-destruction, and the way he copes is by sniffing gas. He discovers an envelope left to him by his dead wife but he's not sure if he wants to open it because of what the contents of the letter might say. So during the whole movie you're just watching him getting high on gas fumes and contemplating if he should open the letter or not. Kathy Bates plays his mother-in-law.

Soundtrack is kind of interesting. Suits the mellowness of the film.

They don't make 'em like they used to anymore. Or, maybe I just have bad luck and happen to see all the pretentious ones. I miss the independent flicks of yore.

::3.5 stars::