Tuesday, November 30, 2004

MUSIC: eastmountainsouth

I looooooove eastmountainsouth.

eastmountainsouth is Kat Maslich and Peter Adams.

ems is everything I like,

mellow, emotional, earthy, haunting, intimate.

Americana, folk, a little bit of country, singer/songwriter-ish.

simple music. Kinda like Hem but more stripped down.

Kat's and Peter's voices blend and meld beautifully.

I first heard of ems a while back on KCRW. Then I saw them accompany Alexi Murdoch on a couple songs when I went to the Temple Bar in May. I thought, not bad. Peter stood out to me. Plays the keyboard and sings. I like that combo. KCRW started to play more and more ems songs. I liked what I heard but I didn't pay much attention. So I didn't do any further exploration. Then a couple days ago I was watching a TV flick and I heard a beautiful song. Totally fell in love with it, and I was determined to find out who it was by. I had a suspicious feeling that it was perhaps ems. And I was right! The title is "So Are You To Me." Very poetic. I love going on a quest in search of an obscure song. I'm a nerd. I approach music like a research project. So anyway, now that I'm hooked on ems officially, I want to spend some time getting to know their music. This is going to be a bit of a challenge since I can't buy their CD.

You can listen to the archive of a live performance ems did on KCRW in June.