Monday, November 29, 2004

MUSIC: Steve Reynolds and Alexi Murdoch ~LIVE

Two musicians I like performed in the same night! I love a good line-up. More bang for my buck.

I went to see two singer/songwriters at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica Tuesday night. The main act was Alexi Murdoch. I came to know his music last fall through KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic (the main source of excellent music). Alexi's music is mellow and his voice is soothing. He had a full band up with him. He's not depressing mellow. His songs are hopeful. It's so cool to see musicians live after listening to their music on the radio. Live music is a hundred times better than listening to a recording. Alexi has an EP out called "Four Songs," and his first full-length album is due to be out in a few months. Can't wait!

Steve Reynolds was one of the opening acts for Alexi. I just discoverd his music recently. I wrote about him a few posts ago. I only heard his music once on the radio (KCRW of course) and was immediately captivated. His band rocks! They totally jammed. Steve has a slight alt-country flavor to his music. He's also pretty mellow, but more upbeat than Alexi. I couldn't understand any of the lyrics he sang but I didn't care because the music was soooo good. I'm amazed how people can just compose music. All the musicians who performed with Steve played some sort of string instrument or other and there was a drummer of course. I just loved how all those instruments melded together. I was very, very impressed by the band. Man! The music was so good! Can't say enough good things. Steve is cool. He's Canadian. From Vancouver. 'nough said.

::5 stars::