Thursday, May 25, 2006

GO: The Derby

Finally fulfilled my dream of swing dancing at The Derby. It was crowded and many people came outfitted in vintage wear from head to toe. Lots of the women had 40s-style hair updos and looked really cute.

The only thing that annoyed me were the two separate dance floors. The one in front of the band was tiny and all the good dancers were hogging it up, so I had to dance in the back room where the music came in over the speakers so it might as well have been a DJ spinning the music.

But the best thing was the lesson. The instructor was probably the best one I've encountered at the free lessons that are always offered before dancing at a venue. We got two hours of FREE LESSONS. The first hour was balboa and the second hour was East Coast/Jitterbug. And the types of dances that are taught change every week.

The Derby has a bar so you can get boozed up but swingers don't usually drink too much or else you can't dance. This is the only swing venue I've gone to that serves alcohol.

People overall seemed nice and down-to-earth, although I did hear from the guys that the chicks are a bit standoffish, but I wouldn't know since I don't dance with girls!

Another plus: lots of comfy couches to sit in and catch your breath after dancing.

The Derby
Sunday Swing nights begin at 7pm
4500 Los Feliz Blvd. @ Hillhurst Ave. (right next to Louise's Trattoria)
Hollywood, CA 90027