Wednesday, March 29, 2006

EAT: Jalisco @ Lonsdale Quay Public Market

I lunched at Lonsdale Quay this weekend and ordered the tamales at Jalisco. I try to eat something different each time I go. I had one tamale stuffed with beans and one stuffed with green chiles (chicken and beef options are also available). They were a bit dry (which is hard to avoid in tamales) but tasty nevertheless. The platter came with mexican rice, shredded iceberg lettuce topped with crema, and salsa--all for $5.75. I wish it came with a side of black beans but alas it did not. The next time I go I hope to try the enchiladas. Click here for my first review of Jalisco.

Of course I couldn't leave the market without having the pavlova. It's just too damn good to pass up.