Tuesday, June 21, 2005

EAT: Blenheim St. Café

UPDATE: This cafe is now a new cafe called Higher Grounds.

I’ve been on an informal quest to find a café in Vancouver that plays decent music. Blenheim St. Café plays decent music - mostly chillout-syle electronic music and Jack Johnson, who’s not my favorite but I don’t mind his music once in a while, especially on a summery day. The volume is set just right so it’s not too intrusive while I read.

This place was relatively quiet when I arrived at around 2 o’clock. There were about five of us populating the establishment. The interior décor is made up of different tones of brown, creating a warm, cozy atmosphere. Also, you can curl up with a book or newspaper either at the comfy leather couch or one of two leather armchairs.

I ordered a 4-berry smoothie, which was a bit too sugary sweet for me. You’ve got your standard options of scones and muffins, plus a breakfast bagel in the mornings. Also offered are various espresso drinks for those of you who need your caffeine kick. I’ll have to go back to try what their cup o’ joe is like.

Closes at 6pm everyday.

On 3301 W. 4th Ave. @ Blenheim (no duh)
Vancouver, BC V6R 1N6