Thursday, December 02, 2004

HEAR: Keane - "Hopes and Fears"

If soaring vocals and sentimental lyrics driven by emotional, sweeping music strikes your fancy, then Keane may be to your liking. This UK band has been compared to Coldplay, but which up-and-coming band has NOT been likened to Mr. Paltrow's band?

What gives Keane its one-of-a-kind sound is the prominence of the piano. No guitars in this trio, which is a refreshing break from the acoustic guitar that dominates indie music of this particular vein.

My favorite track is the opener, "Somewhere Only We Know." The more upbeat songs (but by no means sunny lyrics) appeal to me the most. The bouncy tempo in contrast to Tom Chaplin's doleful vocals provides a nice tension that keep your ears tingling. However, the mellow tunes are a little too forlorn for my taste.

This is a very nice album to listen to when you're feeling without a sense of direction in love's terrain. Very comforting. Let Chaplin's lofty, melancholic vocals whisk you away on an emotional musical roller coaster ride you'll enjoy. But don't worry, it won't bring you down, but rather your foot will tap to the buoyant sound of Keane (inspite of the languishing lyrics that threaten to weigh the music down).

::4 stars::