Thursday, December 02, 2004

SEE: Big Fish (2003)

I love the art direction in this film. Exquisite. Magical. Charming. Great, heart-warming story centering around a father-son relationship. Towards the end I couldn't stop crying. The last time I cried this much in a movie was another Tim Burton film - Edward Scissorhands. I think I cried in about 80% of the movie. I just took it way too seriously and felt sorry for Edward because he couldn't eat. Maybe it was the fact that he was an outsider - a freak of nature - trying to integrate in mainstream society that really moved me. I guess it hit home or something. Anyway.

Great actors in Big Fish: Ewan McGreggor, Albert Finney, and Helena Bonham Carter (notice they're all Brits, playing Southerners to the hilt).

This film is pure Tim Burton. His films seem to have this modern flair because of the special effects perhaps, but his filmmaking style is old-school. Reminds me of all those directors of the 30's and 40's. I have this sad feeling that Burton's kind are a dying breed.

::5 stars::