Thursday, December 02, 2004

EAT: Doughboys

Third St. and Beverly Blvd. are renown for offering many culinary choices. Ever since I was in Third Street Elementary school I vowed that I would live in that neighborhood when I grow up and eat at every single one of those restaurants. Well, I'm grown up and I still don't live anywhere near the hip yuppy neighborhood that lies between La Brea and La Cienega. But I sure drive out there a lot.

It's been over a decade since my epicurean ambition arose, and I finally had my first meal in one of the
trendy restaurants there. So far I've eaten at Doughboys twice. It's a casual cafe/bakery/restaurant that offers all-day breakfast fare, salads,sandwiches, and pizza.

The first time, I had the cream of roasted garlic soup with portabello mushrooms, carrots, and cheese tortellini. Too garlicky. It gave me a headache and heartburn. More recently, I had the homemade vegetarian chili. Enjoyed it very much, although it could have been less salty, with their
extremely yummy baguette. The portion was huge. But I guess if you're gonna pay $7.50 for it might as well be enough to feed three people.

My friends have had the French onion soup - one of the more popular dishes offered at this enterprise - which is good but salty.

According to my other friend, the roasted chicken sandwich is quite plain and bland. She took some of my chili to add some flava.

My other friend seemed to enjoy the roasted chicken basil salad. It looked pretty.

And yet another friend had the Stuffed French Toast, quite delicious and not as decadent as it sounds. Two whole wheat cinammon raisin bread stuffed with
cream cheese and strawberry jam, dipped in egg, then grilled (note - not fried). It was surprisingly light and not as cloying like one would expect such a breakfast to be.

The muffins are also surprisingly very edible considering that they're lowfat and made of whole wheat.

There are a lot of choices on the menu that I look forward to trying. Their selection of salads and sandwiches is very tempting.

The pan bagnat is incredible. It's a scooped out sourdough boule with salad nicoise. It's so good that it makes me want to use cuss words to describe it. It's THAT good.

All dishes are under $10, and the portions are more than generous. You can dine inside or al fresco. Watch out for small-time celebs and wannabe actors
reading their scripts together. Yeah, it's that kinda scene.

Click on the link above to go to the Doughboys website to check out their menu.

8136 3rd St. Los Angeles CA 90048
west of Crescent Heights
Plus: late hours. Sucks: hard to find parking.

::5 stars::