Thursday, December 02, 2004

HEAR: "In Love Again" - Stacey Kent

This is a dangerous album. It's got me feeling amorous and believing in romance again. Shoot, I'm done for.

As soon as I heard the first song, it felt as if I had heard Kent before. I think her songs have been used in countless commercials (to peddle cars, perfume and other lifestyle products), at J. Crew, at Banana Republic, and in romantic commedies. She just sounds so familiar.

Be warned, this is an ultra romantic album. Kent has a beautiful, girlish voice that sounds exquisitely sophisticated and old school. She sings softly, in a dreamy-like manner, that puts silly thoughts into your head.

I really feel like I'm padding through Banana Republic as I listen to this album. It even evokes that ubiquitous smell that is present in all the stores.

Anyway, this is a great date album for those with cosmopolitan tastes who appreciate jazz vocalists.

::5 stars::