Wednesday, June 21, 2006

EAT: Tacos Mexico Rico

I tried a new Mexican joint in downtown today for lunch. I went to Tacos Mexico Rico not only to see if their food is any good, but also to watch the soccer game between Argentina vs. Netherlands.

I ordered the day's special which was enchiladas. I had the vegetarian version, which came stuffed with green peppers, mushrooms, and onions, topped with red sauce (green sauce is also another option). The platter (for $8.99) came with a side of black beans and Mexican rice. I was quite impressed. I especially liked the black beans, although I did find them a little too salty, but I do have a preference for not-so-salty food, so for others it may not be so bothersome.

They also serve you complimentary tortilla chips and salsa. The salsa has been the best I have tasted so far in Vancouver. It had quite a bite to it so if you aren't tolerant of spicy food I suggest you stay away.

Be sure to try their aguas frescas (freshly made drinks). I ordered horchata (a milky drink with sugar and cinnamon). You can order jamaica or mango if you prefer. The horchata was a little too sweet for me so I had to wait until the ice melted and watered it down. Again, I have a tendency to like things a little less sweet than usual so for others it may be the right amount of sweetness. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the drink and found it refreshing. It was definitely one of the better horchatas I've had (even better than some of the ones I've had in Los Angeles).

I like the decor of the place. It's humble but has a nice relaxed ambience. It's simply decorated with Mexican knick-knacks. Kinda has that hole-in-the-wall feel. For a moment there, I felt like I was in LA.

Tacos Mexico Rico
309 W. Pender St.
Vancouver, BC V6B 1T3
Mon-Sat 11:30a.m.-8:00p.m.

::5 stars::