Monday, November 26, 2007

EAT: Chicco Dall'Oriente Coffee & Dessert Bar

This small Japanese cafe on Robson Street specializes in delectable, pretty-to-look-at parfaits. I've enjoyed the green tea and the tiramisu parfaits, both of which were divine. The green tea consists of layers of green tea ice cream, vanilla ice cream, green tea jello, rice balls, red bean, and whipped cream. The tiramisu parfait is layered with cornflakes, strawberries, vanilla ice cream dusted with cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, and other stuff I can't remember but it's all good I promise. Next time I'd like to try the black sesame parfait.

Another feature that makes this place worth going to is the hilarious sign above their magazine rack. You'll have to go in person to see for yourself.

Chicco Dall'Oriente Coffee & Dessert Bar
1504 Robson St.
Vancouver, BC

::5 stars::