Friday, July 29, 2005

EAT: Lonsdale Quay Public Market

The BEST can be found at Lonsdale Quay (pronounced "key" as I was embarrassingly corrected all so long ago). It boasts of the best Mexican food, the best falafel, and the best pavlova in Greater Vancouver.

As a chick from SoCal I'm always craving good Mexican food. I've tried a few places in Vancouver (most of them disappointing), and I must say that Jalisco comes closest to the kind of Mexican cuisine I'm used to eating in Los Angeles. This joint is run by people from Mexico who know how to cook. I've tried the vegetarian plate which comes with beans, rice, salsa, guacamole, and tortilla chips drizzled with crema (Mexican "sour cream"). I also tried the veggie burrito which is topped with an interesting red sauce. You can also pick up some homemade goodies such as salsa, guacamole, tortillas, and Mexican cheese, among other things. They also sell products imported from Mexico so you can make your own authentic Mexican meal at home.

Also, I finally found the best falafel outside of Los Angeles (where you can find the world's best falafel at Moishe's in the Original Farmers Market on 3rd and Fairfax). The best falafel I've had in Vancouver so far is served up at George's Souvlaki. I've been searching and searching and I think my search is now over. The falafel looks like it's freshly made instead of the typical ones that are grabbed out of a bag and heated in a microwave. The falafel is served in a pita with lots of veggies such as tomatoes and onions and dolloped with generous mounds of delectable tzaziki sauce. Also, this place offers the best Greek potatoes ever.

Finally, you cannot leave Lonsdale Quay without stopping by Sweet Carrie's Dessert Shop to indulge in one of their pavlovas. It is the most heavenly dessert, and they have it down to perfection. A pavlova is a baked meringue topped with sweetened, airy whipped cream with slices of strawberry, kiwi, and peach resting gently on top. It's a very light dessert and not too sweet. It's simply perfect. My taste buds leap for joy whenever I partake of this most fabulous of desserts.

For an awesome culinary experience, one need not go anywhere else than to Lonsdale Quay.I'm glad that in one place I can find all my favorite foods. How convenient! Plus, the place ain't too shabby either. You can sit outside and gaze on the breathtaking view of the downtown skyline. Good food, good views. Sometimes it doesn't take much to have a happy experience.

::5 stars::

Monday, July 25, 2005

SEE: Melinda and Melinda (2004)

I love Woody Allen films. I appreciate their simplicity. I enjoy the great dialogue. The characters are usually interesting. I like how his films are human-centered--no shoot-em-up-let's-blow-up-the-whole-world crap here. And Allen's latest flick reminds me once again why I enjoy his work so much.

Melinda and Melinda is about the life of woman that is told in two ways: as tragedy and comedy. Two playwrights try to make their case for which is a better way to present the story of this fictional woman with a troubled past.

The movie seamlessly alternates between the two versions of Melinda's life. Kudos to Alisa Lepselter for a fine editing job. Because the scenes of the tragic and the comic versions smoothly move in and out of each other, I found that the "tragedy" wasn't so tragic and the "comedy" wasn't that funny. There were elements of both in each version.

Each version had its own cast except for the actress playing Melinda (Radha Mitchell from Finding Neverland), who remained the same. The two ensemble casts are great as they typically are in Allen's films. Will Ferrell's character seemed very Woody Allen-esque--neurotic and nervous. I quite enjoyed his performance as he did his take on "Woody Allen."

This is an entertaining film because of its wit and clever presentation. Allen manages to show that he is fine form.

Things I especially loved about this film: it's set in Manhattan and watching talented actors who have good chemistry.

::4 stars::