Sunday, March 02, 2008

GO: Union Station

What a glorious building! Union Station is probably my favorite building in Los Angeles. And I feel extremely fortunate to be able to traverse through this architectural gem on a frequent basis, given that I take the Metro Gold Line at least once a week and pass through the station in order to connect to the Red Line.

My breath is taken away every time I walk through the waiting room. The lofty ceilings, the graceful leather chairs, and the soft, warm glow of SoCal sunshine pouring in through the soaring windows regenerate the elegance that has been there since the day it opened its doors.

People may rave about the grandeur of NYC's Grand Central Station, but when I visited the famous landmark I concluded that L.A.'s Union Station is far more distinctive because of its innovative combination of Spanish Colonial and Art Deco styles.

Union Station is definitely one of the distinguishing components of L.A.'s eclectic architectural smorgasbord. I love admiring this structural icon, and I hope that it never gets replaced by a modern station.

Union Station
800 N. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

::5 stars::