Wednesday, December 05, 2007

GO: Griffith Park Holiday Light Festival

I was rather surprised and disappointed by how rudimentary the light displays were because I think I was expecting something Vegas-esque. I've seen better in the neighborhood of Hancock Park where some homes go all out and do some outlandish things with lights that I never imagined possible.

This was definitely not worth the two hour wait. The whole time I kept worrying about toxic car emission being expelled by hundreds of vehicles inching along through a park nonetheless. The trees of Griffith Park must be choking. Of course, this being L.A., I did not witness anyone walking through the festival. However, for four days the Department of Water & Power, who puts on the festival, did make it a walk-only event but now it's opened up to cars. For the sake of L.A.'s air quality, it should be walk-only permanently.

On the particular night we went we waited 90 minutes to reach the entrance and then it took about another 30 minutes to drive through the light festival. At the final light display I couldn't help but snort at its fine jingoistic touch.

The festival is open from 5pm-10pm everyday until December 30.

Griffith Park Holiday Light Festival
4730 Crystal Springs Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90027

::2 stars::